BMACC | Discovery Club (Suspended temporarily)

Your'e welcome to join us at our new Discovery Club for mums with babies and toddlers starting soon. We'll have free-play areas, structured development activities for toddlers , arts and crafts and snack time to finish off!

We are also accepting toy donations, either brand new or like new condition.


To register interest or donate a toy please contact: 07709213977



BMACC | Bearsden Muslim Association Community Centre

Constituted in 1987 for the purpose of providing after school education, primarily Urdu and Arabic. As the Community grew so did our needs and it was realised that we would have to move out of Boclair Academy and Killermont Primary at some stage and it was not until 2006 when we finally moved into our current premises, a former Red Cross Building. The conversion of the former building to what it is today was such that only the original outer walls remain, the new building is now fit for the purpose and the Muslim Community can be proud to have a home of their own, now more affectionately known as the BMACC, Bearsden Muslin Association Community Centre.


Project | BMACC Care

Just a few examples of your donation reaching the poor, widow families in very remote villages

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