BMACC | Bearsden Muslim Association Community Centre


The Vision…

In the changing world we live in, we find many generation gaps building up

between grandparents, parents, young adults, and children. The expectations

of society and pressures of our peers are becoming very different with each

succeeding generation.

As the pace of life accelerates and the moral values of society decline, people

are increasingly looking for comfort in the material world. Yet we know that the

answer to our problems, to our hopes and to our life lies only with Allah, Our Creator. It is this understanding, this concept, and these values which encompass the mission statement of Bearsden Muslim Association.

Mission Statement

“To impart to our students, knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of

Islam, in order that they may take a valuable place in society as

responsible youth, focused teams, and committed parents.”

…and the Mission

The Bearsden Muslim Association aims to provide its students a foundation in

Qur’an, Islamic Law (Fiqh), Islamic History (Tareekh), and Islamic Conduct (Akhlaq). The focus is not only on the teaching of Islam, but in its practice and in its understanding.

We have all embarked together on a noble work to teach the religion of Allah to our children. We have to be mindful of the responsibility we have undertaken, and to achieve His pleasure by discharging this responsibility to the best of our abilities.

Bearsden Muslim Community Centre ( BMACC )