The BMACCtraining Youth Group was set up with the vision of turning the community we have here in Bearsden more into a family. We achieve this by regularly meeting up in the mosque where various topics are discussed. We empower the youth by giving them a voice and making then feel part of something. To date, every discussion has proved to be very beneficial to everyone attending, because not only do we learn the consequences of every act we perform but we are also provided with in depth Islamic knowledge.

Our leaders have found that one of the biggest causes for these acts to take place is peer pressure. We have too many people simply wanting to follow the crowd. We will personally make sure and pledge that every single one of our BMACCtraining members will not be weak enough to buy into peer pressure. So a bit about the future now, BMACCtraining has recently collaborated with SPMA. So with United Youth Clubs, we will see a surge in members. We have also been sponsored by a corporate bank and have recently received a £3000 sponsorship from Youth Links. We have plans to introduce new activates especially throughout the summer such as full day outs, mountain climbing and even camping. All the events, such as hill climbing although it is organised by the Youth Team, everyone from our Youth to Elders is encouraged to attend. On a final note, I want to point out

BMACC has become the official 2016 Madrassah Football Champions. As for the 2017 Championship, you have every reason to believe that BMACC will once again, secure another trophy.

Scheduled Training Events

Monday - Nights 8pm - 9pm

  • BMT Football Coaching 11.30pm - 12.30pm
  • BMT Cycling 10am - 11am

Thursday - Night Boxing 8.00pm - 9.00pm

Monthly Membership Fees

  • Standard Membership £5
  • Elite Membership £12.50

For any further queries please get in touch with us:

  • Umar Siddique (Youth Leader) : 07817931737
  • Waseem Sadiq (Sub Leader): 07720099056
  • Saqib Sadiq (SPMA Leader )

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