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The BMACCtraining Youth Club

BMACCtraining is the Official Youth Group for BMACC which has seen much success over the past year. Starting from 5 members, the club today has signed over 70 members, with a very popular and successful clothing range. The club prospered with the vision of taking the youth off the streets where they can be easily influenced and we moved them into a much safer environment where we can not only push them to their full potential, but also to protect their iman and safeguard their Islamic identify.

BMACCtraining engages the Youth in several different angles not only to guarantee the success of the club, but also to attract those of different backgrounds. We specialise in the 3 main sports of Football, Basketball & Boxing, and thanks to the commitment shown by all our members, we have become the Official Football Madrassah Champions for 2016. With regards to Basketball, we will be entering tournaments in 2017 and also be have the plans to arrange our own tournament which we plan to turn into an annual event. In addition to this, we have a platform which allows our members to voice their opinions and concerns, we do this in order to empower the youth and make them feel like they are really part of something that they can call their own.

As everyone is aware, there is a lot of pain and suffering going on all over the world. We see countless heart breaking images of the warfare and chaos that goes on in other countries whilst we live life in luxury. Rather than to sit & observe, BMACCtraining has taken the objective to involve itself in different charitable events such as The Great Scottish Run which two of the club’s members completed in ground-breaking times of 39 minutes & 43 minutes respectively. In addition to this we had a fantastic turnout where over 20 of our members took part in a trek to Ben Nevis in order to raise funds for Islamic Relief. Over 2016, together we raised £3800 for Islamic Relief & £800 for Ummah Welfare Trust.

We have a range of brand new events coming in 2017. I would like to start with the collaboration with SPMA (Scottish Police Muslim Association) where we will see collaborated events such as camping trips to a completely redesigned clothing line to Military Bootcamps.

This substantial growth is due to the help of the almighty Allah who guided us every step of the way, and also from the guidance and blessings of our elders. I find when we work together as one, every impossibility becomes possible.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our movement contact details of 2 members from our leadership team are given below:

Umar Siddique: 07817931737 BMACCtraining Youth Leader

Waseem Sadiq: 07720099056 BMACCtraining Sub Leader

Commit to BMACCtraining today & YOU WILL SUCCEED! Join The Ranks.

Saqib Sadiq BMACCtraining Head of Operations SPMA Leader